LICHTER Group (reg. as Lichter s.r.o.) was founded in 2015 by Lukas Lichter during his studies at Masaryk University in Brno. It first provided computer network management for small and medium-sized businesses. Computer network management was later dedicated to the brand. In 2021, the LICHTER Group invested in the Start-Up (reg. as s.r.o.), for which they are now looking for more investors.



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LICHTER Group, Tereza Liskova and Tomas Lichter founded Start-Up in 2021. It is a global E-Shop and marketplace with drones and accessories for building drones. We are working hard to make grow and become one of the world’s largest sellers of drones and accessories. However, to grow, we are looking for other investors who will financially support our Start-Up. We offer investors a share of up to 39%. For more information, please write to us on WhatsApp.

Maybe it will work, thanks to you.


Web | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn, these are the most modern technologies and many years of experience, thanks to which we save big money for corporate customers who rely on us 365 days a year. We are a team of IT specialists, each with more than 15 years of experience in the field. For example, we built a computer network in the largest Czech E-Shop with French cosmetics background. And we also secured the FinTech Start-Up computer network of “forgotten billions” (known in the Czech Republic as “Zapomenuté miliardy”), within which hundreds of billions of Czech crowns were traced to citizens on forgotten investment accounts. We have secured the Venture Capital Fund computer network, and we will be happy to help you!

Our customers are glad that they were not afraid to contact us.


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We hand-make beautiful bracelets from minerals for you, which will please and enchant you. We also make custom-made bracelets according to the zodiac or chakra bracelets. Lovers prefer to order bracelets for couples from us. Kids love handmade dream catchers, which are also an excellent addition to any home.

Handmade with love. ❤

CEO| Lukas Lichter

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Lukas Lichter is an IT specialist, economist, investor, founder and CEO at LICHTER Group. For the past few years, I have focused on cybersecurity within Currently, I focus mainly on the Start-Up It is a Start-Up with great potential. could be the global leader in drone sales. However, it is up to me to provide the necessary investor support. We offer investors a share of up to 39% in the company. For more information, please write to us on WhatsApp.